Evaluating Western University’s Sexual Assault Incidents during their 2021 Orientation Week

Emily Quan


Emily Quan (she/her) is a fourth-year Professional Communication student minoring in Events and Live Entertainment. She is the VP of Marketing at Innocence Ryerson, which aims to provide XU undergraduate students with the opportunity to raise awareness and get directly involved with Innocence Canada. Emily hopes to pursue a career in the events industry while continuing her work advocating for social justice issues.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys posting on her food blog and planning where she’s going to travel next.

Research Summary

This research project examines the sexual assault incidents during Western University’s 2021 orientation week and the impact on its students. During the university’s orientation week, multiple women were drugged and sexually assaulted leaving many students outraged, and also scared for their safety on campus. The university has been scrutinized by their response, or lack there-of, to the situation. This research aims to examine the sexual assaults at Western, deliver insight into the rape and party culture at the university, and provide recommendations or suggestions to combat the issue of sexual assault on campus.


health; education; universities; students;

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