Reel Talk On Going Viral

Kathleen Barr


Kathleen is a fourth-year Professional Communication student minoring in Public Relations and Graphic Communication. Kathleen works in social media marketing as a content marketing specialist and content creator. She is a passionate social media user both professionally and personally and she is striving to optimize her involvement in the digital world to help make it a more positive space.

Research Summary

Social media and content creation is taking over the digital world. Influencers, creators, celebrities, brands, and businesses all have one common interest when it comes to social media. Going viral. With today’s algorithms, blowing up on social media is possible for literally anyone. You no longer have to have a major following to grow, you just need to be let in on the secret to success when it comes to your social media strategy. And that is video-based content. 

This research will analyze video-based content on social media to understand how this type of content is helping creators grow. This research will help social media users understand current trends and where the future of social media is heading.


Social Media, Marketing, Instagram, Tik Tok

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