Social Media and Satisfaction with Life

Mariana Hanna


My name is Mariana Hanna, and I am a fourth-year professional communications student. I am interested in pursuing a career in public relations. I am also very interested in investigating the effects of social media on users because I am one myself, and I use social media all the time daily. Therefore, I chose this topic for my project. My other interests include reading books, I like to read one new book every month, and I also enjoy travelling to explore different cultures. I was born and raised in Dubai and have only been in Toronto for five years, but I am still looking forward to exploring the rest of Canada after graduation!

Research Summary

The study’s topic focuses on how social media influences our satisfaction with life. Through the link between social media and satisfaction with life, the study assesses additional connections between social media outcomes and satisfaction with life, such as self-esteem, mental well-being, and the construction of social capital and confidence. Social media usage is increasing every day, and it is essential to assess its consequences. Research has shown that addiction is the result of problematic social media usage. This topic is critical because it influences younger generations the most, who are the future. Therefore it is important to examine this topic to determine how social media influences their perceptions of themselves and life. This study fills a gap as it will include post-pandemic attitudes and perceptions about social media as the pandemic was a turning point in the world of digital communications. The research will use qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze results collected by an online survey, including open-ended and closed-ended questions and measuring scales. The findings of this study can help us understand the consequences of frequent social media usage and how to better utilize social media, especially among younger generations, starting from children.


Social media; Satisfaction with life; self-esteem; social comparisons

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