Sustainability In The Fashion Industry

Kezia Chapman


Kezia Chapman (she/her) is from Toronto, Ontario. She currently works a full-time job at a marketing and advertising company in the pre-sales department. Her wish is to grow and gain experience at her current job for the next few years and see where her life and career take her.

Research Summary

The mass production and consumption of textiles and clothing are unethical, unsustainable, use large amounts of resources, and take extreme reckoning on the planet. In this summary report, I will be looking at the economic, social, and environmental impact that the fashion industry has on the planet and how it is catastrophic. The government needs to have laws put in place to ensure that fashion brands and consumers follow ethical and sustainable procedures for the safety and future of our environment. This summary report will be discussing the purpose, importance, research questions, conceptual framework, analysis and recommendations of my research project. The applied research area of my study is sustainability in the fashion industry. The clients that I will be addressing are non-ethical and non-sustainable clothing brands. As well as the Government to implement new laws to ensure that fashion brands and consumers follow sustainable and ethical procedures for the safety of our environment.  


unethical; fashion; sustainable; consumer; government; implementation; environmental; economic

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