Social Media Use and Young Adult Mental Health

Michelle Crnjak


Michelle Crnjak is a fourth-year professional communication student with English and public relations minors. Michelle hopes to work in corporate public relations and oversee brand partnerships. Her research interests include digital media and popular culture. After graduating this year, she will begin the Master of Professional Communication (MPC) Program, where she will continue her study of social media and its effects.

Research Summary

This research project looks at the link between social media use in young adults ages 18-24 and negative mental health. Primary data was conducted via interviews and surveys to gauge the impact and relevancy of the topic. After analyzing the data, it was confirmed that there is a link between using social media and an increased risk of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. The project also outlines three recommendations that could be undertaken to continue using social media while at the same time easing the negative mental impact.


social media, digital media, mental health

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