How Social Media Marketing Efforts Influence Young Women to Purchase Cosmetics

Brittany Guthrie



My name is Brittany Guthrie and I’m a 4th-year professional communications student with an interest in digital marketing. Since I have such a strong desire to pursue online marketing for a beauty or fashion brand, I believe learning about young women’s relationship with social media marketing for beauty companies is important. This research will benefit me in future careers as it will ensure I am creating content that not only helps the company reach its sales goals, but will have a positive impact on women’s self-esteem.

Research Summary

Many cosmetic enterprises have redesigned their business models to include social commerce directed toward their target audience by utilizing platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. The purpose of this research is to discover which social media marketing efforts are successfully converted into sales when advertising cosmetics to young women, it will also analyze whether the social media marketing strategies have a positive or negative influence on these women’s self-esteem. By exploring the different marketing efforts that are directly related to the beauty community such as beauty gurus, YouTube tutorials, and TikTok makeup trends, this study will discover which social media strategies are most likely to become purchases and how these strategies affect young women’s self-esteem and self-confidence.


Makeup, Social Media Influencers, Beauty Gurus, Self-Esteem

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