COVID-19 Isolation and Post-Secondary Students’ Mental Health

Emma Cyr


Hi there! My name is Emma Cyr and I am in my fourth year of the Professional Communications program at Ryerson University. I have a passion for art, music and writing and hope to pursue a career where I can apply my creative side. I’m hoping to travel once I’m done with my program and make up for lost time due to the pandemic.

Research Summary

The stigma surrounding mental health is gradually decreasing and becoming more of a popular subject. This study aims to be a part of that change and to normalize the subject of mental health. The objective of this study is to understand how the COVID-19 isolation periods have affected post-secondary students’ mental health. The goal is to see how this looks on an individual level and address the root causes to ensure accurate solutions can be created. Hopefully, the conclusions drawn from the study will hopefully motivate Ryerson University, and post-secondary institutions in general to implement proper solutions.


mental health; COVID-19

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