Built In or Bolted On? A Case Study on Google, Walt Disney, and Ben & Jerry’s CSR Initiatives

Muntaha Alazraq


Muntaha Alazraq is a fourth-year Professional Communication student at Ryerson University. She is driven professionally and personally by her endless love of learning and helping others.

Her leadership positions at the Society of The Creative School have led her to gain skills and experience in marketing, social media management, graphic design, and public relations. Currently, Muntaha works part-time as a Student Success & Engagement Assistant in the Student Success Centre at The Creative School. She has developed and executed various social, academic, and professional events throughout her role.

Following graduation, Muntaha hopes to pursue a career in marketing communications, branding, and project management within the publishing, entertainment, and creative industries.

You can find Muntaha baking, watching movies, and reading just about anything and everything in her free time.

Research Summary

The aim of this study is to investigate whether or not Google, Walt Disney, and Ben & Jerry’s CSR initiatives are built-in or bolted on. Today’s consumers are looking for more than material products or quality services; instead, they want to invest in authentic and transparent companies that take responsibility for addressing social and environmental issues. However, many corporations often donate to worthy causes or create CSR programs with the intention to appeal to their stakeholders and be viewed as a good corporate citizen. Such an approach contributes to reputation, resulting in low credibility as it weakly relates to the core of the corporation’s mission. As a result, for companies to succeed in today’s consumer market, they need to recognize how valued social responsibility is to their customers and approach CSR strategically. 

This study employed a qualitative case study research method using a content analysis approach. Data from Google, Walt Disney, and Ben & Jerry’s were collected and analyzed, including documents such as annual reports, social media posts, and web-based content.



Corporate Social Responsibility; Reputation; Transparency; Sustainability; Trust; Accessibility; Marketing

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