Cryptocurrency Crime: Canadian Policy Reform

Shoshana Mamann


Shoshana Mamann (They/Them) was born and raised in Toronto. Shoshana majored in Professional Communications, along with a minor in Public Relations. After their journey at X University,  Shoshana is continuing on to the Cardozo School of Law in New York City to accomplish their goal of practicing as an entertainment lawyer.

Research Summary

This research project analyzes the existing policy in Canada that regulate cryptocurrency use to mitigate the rate of illicit behaviour occurring in the digital space. Through an extensive policy and literature analysis, the research was able to locate areas in Canadian legislation that lacked a cohesive regulatory framework that enabled criminal activity to take place. The areas of focus in this research are Canadian Securities laws, Anti-money laundering/ Anti-terrorist financing legislation, as well tax rules. The findings offer policy reform and implementation in these regulatory areas.


Cryptocurrency; Policy Reform; Crime Reduction

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