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Nakonecznyj, Larysa

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Hello! My name is Larysa Nakonecznyj and I am Signify 2021’s Digital Delivery Team Lead. I am also a fourth year Professional Communication students minoring in Public Relations and showcasing my research surrounding Veterans Mental Health. I am 21 years old, born and raised in Toronto, and am planning on attending law school following my graduation from Ryerson.

My research focuses on Health Communications while I study the correlation between post-deployed soldiers and mental health illnesses. My interest in this topic was sparked by a course that I took in third year called “Homelessness in Canadian Society”, which had an underlying focus on the Ryerson Veterans Program (VTE). I also felt that it was important to study a topic that could be separated from the digital world that COVID-19 has created.



Primary Research Question: What is the correlation between post-deployed military soldiers and mental health disorders?

Research Summary: The conceptual framework of psychological health will guide this study to determine the correlation between post-deployed military soldiers and mental health disorders. These psychological theories will underpin and predicate findings within this research field. Participants will be chosen from the Ryerson Veterans Program (VTE). A qualitative methodological paradigm will serve as the foundation for executing and analyzing data. Namely, interviews will support a phenomenological approach to satisfy gathering qualitative research that studies human and lived experiences. Furthermore, latent and constant comparative methods will analyse qualitative data, while external variables such as race, gender, education, and type of mental health disorder will all be factored as intervening and moderator variables to determine the final inferences of this research.

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