Exploring the Relationship Between Empathy and Digital Media


Corkery, Tess

About me

My name is Tess. I am a fourth year Professional Communication student who will be graduating in April with a degree in Professional Communication and a minor in Governance and Public Policy. 

I am currently working for Employment and Social Development as a communications advisor, where I’m excited to focus full-time after graduation.

In my free time, I enjoy volunteering for the Ryerson Law Network. Working with the Law network has helped me explore my passion for the legal field, which I hope to pursue in the future. 



Purpose of project

To determine a relationship between the use of narrative technologies, specifically storytelling, and a person’s empathetic, pro-social response. By exploring this relationship, the following research hopes to demonstrate the importance of storytelling in communications practices, in order to reimagine current communications technologies to be more effective in communicating social issues. 

Project methodology

Comparing the transcripts of interviews through content analysis, I will structurally code the interviews to answer and evaluate my research questions, surrounding the relationship between narrative storytelling and empathy. Using concepts explored in grounded theory, my methodology will use structural coding based on my research questions, in order to prove the hypothesis that narrative technologies influence an individual’s empathetic and pro-social responses.

Lightning Talk

Project Tags

Digital Media, Empathy, Communications

Exploring the Relationship between Empathy and Digital Media

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