Toronto Water’s “Not Down the Drain” Communication Analysis


Shea, Anne

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Hi, I’m Anne! I’m currently in my fourth year of Professional Communication at Ryerson University. I’m pursuing a minor in Public Relations alongside a certificate in Social Media Practices and Reputation Management

I’m passionate about media (media studies, digital media, and social media), as well as PR and photography

As I complete my minor and certificate during my fifth year, I hope to seek out more career opportunities related to my interests. I look forward to what the future holds


In 2019, Toronto Water released a campaign titled “Not Down the Drain”. The campaign focused on educating Torontonians about what not to flush down the toilet/put down the drain. The purpose of this research was to do a communication analysis of the campaign using a mix of online journal studies and communication knowledge I’ve learned during my time as a ProCom student.

The analysis involves a look into the textual and visual elements of the campaign. One communication medium was also analyzed.

From a communication perspective, Toronto Water created an effective campaign through simplistic text, creative imagery, and well-chosen communication mediums. If you would like to view the full analysis, please check out my website and click the “Full Analysis” link.

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Public Relations; Communication; Government; Persuasion; Advertising