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Rodriguez, Julia

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I am looking forward to graduating in the spring with a major in professional communication and a minor in fashion studies. I transferred to Ryerson after two years of studying life science and art history at the University of Toronto. Although I was expressing my creativity through the creation of my clothing brand House Twenty, I realized that I needed to express my creativity in the classroom and that is what encouraged my transfer to Ryerson. After graduation, I look forward to focusing full-time on House Twenty before applying to graduate school.



Dress is an instrument of communication that people use every day and it has the ability to influence how others see us and our own self-perception.  Young adults who are often exploring their identity use fashion as a form of expression and a way to build confidence. But how do dress codes at work affect self-expression, self-perception, and confidence?  Specifically, how do dress codes affect young adults who are new to the workforce and is this impacting their work performance. 

I’m still in the process of analyzing my data but here are a few results from my survey that I think greatly speak for my research; 90% of participants agreed that clothing influenced their confidence and 75% said that confidence affected their work performance.

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fashion; business; mental health

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