The Relationship Between Influencer Marketing and Consumer Purchasing Decisions


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Hi! My name is Jordyn Levine. I am currently completing my last semester of a four year program at Ryerson University. Throughout these four years, I have worked hard towards obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication along with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Throughout my time in ProCom, I have learned vital skills which will help me to achieve success in the 21st century workplace. I am graduating as an innovative thinker and creative problem solver with exceptional communication skills that I believe will lead me to achieve success in any position I am granted.



The new media landscape has created ample opportunities for brands to thrive and monetize through social media marketing. Influencer marketing in specific has become a tool commonly used in the marketing industry today. This research study focuses on the correlation between Influencer Marketing and consumer purchasing decisions. Participants’ survey answers and expressive interviews provided the framework for an insightful mixed methodology study. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis, the findings of this study offer a powerful understanding of The Relationship Between Influencer Marketing and Consumer Purchasing Decisions. 

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social media, influencer marketing

the RELATIONSHIP between INFLUENCER MARKETING and consumer purchasing decisions.

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