The Public Acceptance Rate and Responses to COVID-19 Vaccination


Fogah, Racquell

About me

Racquell Fogah is a 4th-year student at Ryerson University, majoring in Professional Communication. She takes interest in Public Relations, Digital Marketing, and Finance, and thrives off of helping others through problem-solving and conflict resolution. She currently works at TD as a Customer Service Representative. Racquell has a passion for social media content curation and loves to spend her spare time with her friends and family.



In this research study, I will be exploring the public responses to the ongoing vaccinations that are happening as we speak. This research will help get a better understanding of where the public’s head is at, and whether or not the results will collide with what government officials are looking to push. This research will then be compared and contrasted to scientific-based opinions and data based on previous epidemics and outbreaks.

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Vaccination, Healthcare, Vaccine, COVID-19, coronavirus, public acceptance, research study

The Public Acceptance Rate & Response to COVID-19 Vaccination

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