The Influence of Media on Women in Sport


Rodrigues, Arielle

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Arielle Rodrigues is a fourth-year student at Ryerson University studying Professional Communication with a minor in Public Relations. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, she has found a great interest in observing how the communications landscape has evolved and how organizations have had to react during times of crisis. Arielle is interested in risk and crisis communication as well as project management and hopes to work in health communications going forward. From a young age, Arielle has always loved to play hockey and stay active, which inspired her to focus her research study on the lack of female participation in the sports industry.


The purpose of this research study is to gain insight into whether or not the marketing and portrayal of women in the sports industry impact female motivation to participate in sports. It is no secret that the gender gap in the industry takes a large toll on both female athletes and employees, where they are consistently placed at an unfair disadvantage. The following research analyzes the impact of the way females are depicted in sport and how the objectification and discrediting of their abilities lead to a lack of participation. In order to gain a better perspective of the background of this topic, primary and secondary data sources were used to draw further insight, looking at both male and female participants across multiple age groups. Through a mixed-methods approach, the connection between the two variables was examined. The results presented a common theme of negative connotations attached to women in sports media – aligning with my initial hypothesis.

The Influence of Media on Women in Sport

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Sports; Female Athletes; Sports Media; Women in Sport