Regular Physical Activity and Focus Levels in University Students


Krafczek, Victoria

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Tori Krafczek is in her last month of the Professional Communication undergraduate program at Ryerson University. She has a passion for brand promotions through digital marketing. Tori’s dream job is to enter the world of entrepreneurship and to one day have her own company. In her personal life, Tori has a passion for engaging in mindfulness practices and enjoys working out. These two passions fuelled the direction behind her capstone research project.


This research study explores the relationship between regular physical activity and focus levels in University students. To collect quantitative data, I created and digitally distributed surveys to 60 Ryerson University undergraduate students. The surveys gathered insights into students’ relationship to physical activity as well as their mental state prior to and following a physical workout. The findings of this study concluded that prior to a workout majority of students reported feeling anxious, unmotivated, unfocused, drained, and clouded. Following a workout majority of students reporting feeling physically energized, relaxed, less restless, and more focused. Mentally, following a workout, students reported feeling more mentally present, motivated, and productive.

Regular Physical Activity and Focus Levels in University Students

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exercise; physical activity; mental health; focus level

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