Post-Secondary Education & Indigeneity: A Case Study


Singh, Vedika

About me

Hello! My name is Vedika and I am in my graduating semester at the School of Professional Communication. I have a minor in Sociology and a focus in crisis communications. I have absolutely loved my time at Ryerson University and hope to have a career in Student Affairs & Higher Education. I thoroughly enjoy everything related to food, culture & the arts. I am looking forward to entering the workforce & for what the future holds.



This research project looks at Factors Affecting the Enrolment of Indigenous Identifying Folk in Post-Secondary Education in Ontario. I interviewed Indigenous folks to gain an understanding on what can be done to better the experience of Indigenous peoples who wish to access higher education. Some of the findings looked at generational trauma, microaggressions and financial barriers that heavily influence the university experience for Indigenous peoples.

Lightning Talk

Project Tags

higher education; inclusitivity; indigenous

Post - Secondary Education & Indigeneity: A Case Study

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