Does Owning A Dog Reduce Your Anxiety?


Fluxgold, Hannah

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My name is Hannah Fluxgold, and I am in the Professional Communication program at Ryerson University. I am currently in my fourth and final year,  and while I get ready to graduate with the class of 2021, I hope to obtain a career in the Event Management field. Being in ProCom these past four years has enhanced my writing skills, as well as my creative thinking skills and I look forward to entering the work force with these new assets!



The purpose of my research is to determine if owning a dog correlates with the anxiety levels of Ryerson University students. Anxiety has over time become an extremely relevant and impactful topic among university students, which is why researching this topic is important. Through qualitative and quantitative data analysis, I discovered that the participants of my research enjoy the companionship that their dogs provide them. They indicated that their dogs know when to protect and care for them, which lowers their anxiety. Furthermore, the survey responses indicated that 50% of participants experience anxiety while 86% of them notice a positive mood change while around their dog. Based on the findings of my research, it is evident that owning a dog directly relates to lowered anxiety for Ryerson students.

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dog; anxiety; ryerson; student; mental health

Does owning a dog reduce your anxiety?

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