The Relationship Between Quarantine and Anxiety


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My name is Laina Waldman and I am a fourth-year Professional Communication student at Ryerson University. I currently work in my professional field as an intern and will be continuing my employment full time after graduation. I especially take pride in my career as it provides flexibility, diversity, is constantly emerging, and allows me to grow with the current climate. I am eager to explore the professional field when I graduate and I am excited to see what my future in professional communication has in store!



As we navigate through the new normal, this project seeks to examine the effects that COVID-19 and quarantine have had on anxiety levels and coping methods. I have conducted research on this topic as with COVID-19 shifting many aspects of our daily lives, I am interested to discover the effects that quarantine has had on others. I believe that this topic is important in order to draw awareness to the impact that quarantine has had on anxiety levels and how we have adapted to cope with its effects. The data collected through an online, quantitative survey paired with five qualitative phone interviews provide insights regarding the contrast of anxiety levels, causes, and coping methods before and during the pandemic. My conceptual framework assumes that with the turbulent and changing climate of life during the pandemic, anxiety levels will rise and coping methods will transform.

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mental heath, health, COVID, anxiety, coping methods

The Relationship Between Quarantine and Anxiety

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