Music Consumption and It’s Effect on The Consumer: Digital vs Analog


Schoug, Natalie

About me

Over the past four years I have resided in Downtown Toronto and have been completing my bachelor’s degree in Professional Communication. Throughout these years I have geared my work towards my two main passions: fandom and music. I held two internship positions at a local independent radio station and recently completed a certificate program from New York University for Music Industry Essentials. Post graduation, I will be looking to work in artist management or fan-artist relations.



With the aid of technological developments music is more accessible than ever before. And with that benefit, digital music consumption may create a different form of relationship with the listener than before. This is what my research is diving into, the different experiences of listening through digital compared to analog. Does one medium make you feel more present, dissociated, or emotive than the other? These are the answers I am looking for by engaging in phenomenological research and conducting independent interviews.


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Music Consumption and It's Effect on the Consumer

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