The Collective Viewing Experience in the Age of COVID-19


Leung, Christina

About me

Hi! My name is Christina Leung and I’m a fourth-year professional communication student at Ryerson University. While completing my undergraduate degree, I’ve been able to reflect on the wonderful classes and friends I’ve made along the way. I have a strong interest in the entertainment industry, specifically the film and TV industry. With the emergence of COVID-19, I was interested in learning the impacts it might have on these industries and how it affects us as consumers of media.


COVID-19 has introduced the world to a host of “new normals”. The world of entertainment and storytelling is no exception, as consumers can now watch the most anticipated movies of the year at home. There is a rise in subscription rates to streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+ and these companies are fighting to be first in this content-driven age. People have resorted to these streaming platforms as a form of escapism from the outside world. However, has this sudden increase in streams due to COVID-19 impacted the collective viewing experience? My research will be analyzing audiences’ viewing habits and how it differs to their viewing habits pre-COVID-19. This will lead me to further hypothesize if these new habits will forever change viewer consumption in the future.

The Collective Viewing Experience in the Age of COVID-19

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