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Ghazarian, Karni

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Karni Ghazarian is finishing up her final year in her Undergraduate program of Professional Communication at Ryerson University, with a minor in both Public Relations and Criminology. She is interested in pursuing a career in digital communications, public relations, or marketing. She is excited to enter the workforce and continue to grow her portfolio while continuously learning.



The recent pandemic quickly changed the academic landscape of education as the majority of classes are now being conducted through online formats such as Zoom and pre-recorded lectures. This new model of education was a drastic change from the traditional approach to education. This study takes a qualitative approach into  Ryerson students’ experience with online school. The research set out to find whether online learning affected students’ relationship with school. The purpose of my research study was to examine the link between field of study, grade level and online learning.

I  did a qualitative study looking at ten students from various programs such as arts and science. In order to collect the data I conducted interviews with these students. The goal was to use content analysis to find any underlying themes between field of study, grade level and online learning. 



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