Greenwashing in the Beauty Industry


Cheung, Morgan

About me

My name is Morgan and I am a fourth-year Professional Communication student with a minor in fashion studies.

As an individual, I strive to continuously learn about, not only myself, but the world around me through any endeavour I experience. I am devoted to using my knowledge to enrich my life and the lives of others. The ultimate measure of success is happiness and I aim to achieve this through radiating positivity while simultaneously dedicating myself to my personal goals. ​



My research project, Greenwashing in the Beauty Industry, stems from my determination to cultivate more consciousness in our consumerist society. Greenwashing, the use of deceptive marketing tactics to promote a false sense of sustainability, is pervasive in the beauty industry. 

Drawing from corporate social responsibility, marketing and psychology literature, this project seeks to understand the phenomenon of greenwashing and how it shapes consumers’ attitudes and beliefs.

Through surveys and interviews, it was found that using words such as “natural” and “organic” strengthened consumer’s understanding of a product. Using imagery of natural elements was effective in making a brand look eco-friendly. However, the findings demonstrate that these beliefs did not significantly influence purchase intentions or product desirability. 

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Marketing, Advertising, Beauty, Environment

Greenwashing in the Beauty Industry

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