Framing Food Insecurity: Food Insecurity Amongst Canadian Post-Secondary Students


Robertson, Katrina

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As a graduate from Ryerson’s Professional Communication program, Katrina will be emigrating to the U.K. this spring. Driven by her previous work and personal endeavours in sustainability, climate solutions, and climate justice, Katrina hopes to continue to make lasting and impactful changes overseas. With a background in the Arts, she further aspires to carve out space for her creative work to flourish.



My capstone project, “Framing Food Insecurity,” explores food insecurity amongst Canadian post-secondary students. With food insecurity amongst this demographic climbing, my research looks to assess the issue’s prevalence further and gain insight into the factors that may contribute to and compound the issue. More specifically, this study looks at what and how socioeconomic factors intersect with different facets of post-secondary student life and how food insecurity impacts students’ success in education and their quality of life. From the data analyzed thus far, I have found that a significant percentage of Canadian post-secondary students have experienced food insecurity to varying degrees in the past year, with socioeconomic factors contributing to and compounding the issue. Significantly, 90% of survey respondents who experience food insecurity believe their post-secondary institution does not offer adequate support.

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food, insecurity, food insecurity, food security, post-secondary students, healthcare, public health, public policy


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