Do Millennials Know What Homeopathic Medicine is?


Steele, Olivia

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Hello! My name is Liv and I am a fourth year student here at Ryerson. All throughout my life, I have been incredibly passionate about holistic healing and not being confined by a diagnosis or prescription. I currently work at a medicinal mushroom company called “Rainbo” which is where I found the inspiration for my study. After graduating this year, I will be pursuing a degree in Acupuncture and Holistic Nutrition in order to help as many people as I can!



The purpose of this study is to see how many people participate in a certain healing practice without knowing what it is. Alternative healing has become a very big trend and therefore is being treated as such. For the sake of content, people are connecting loose dots and making statements that aren’t backed up by proper evidence. In order to stop this spread of misinformation, there needs to be more clinical trials done and extensive research so that people can trust these healing modalities. The first questions in this study establishes whether or not people understand what homeopathy is. It then goes on to narrow down what topics are of most interest and what products have been used most frequently. By understanding this consumer behaviour, we can take these themes and use them as guides for what further research to prioritize.

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Do Millenials Understand what Homeopathic Medicine Is?

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