Mindful or Mindless? The Female Consumer at the Intersection of Fast Fashion & Sustainable Shopping


Sturino, Stephanie

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Stephanie is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Communication with a minor in Public Relations. Stephanie prides herself on being a go-getter and creative thinker with an avid lover of entertainment and the arts. She is passionate about communications, marketing, storytelling and relationship building. Stephanie has been recognized for her accomplishments as the Speaker Relations lead for the Ryerson Entertainment Conference which recently won Most Innovative Student Interest Group at the 2021 TRSS Awards. She also got to work on many impressive projects as an intern at Ryerson’s iBoost Zone and the non-profit Play4Tomorrow. Stephanie is highly skilled in communications, content development and stakeholder engagement with particular interests in fashion and sustainability. She hopes to bring her creative perspective to all the work she pursues.



This research aims to examine the rise of overconsumption culture among female consumers in Generation Z and explores the creative ways consumers can look to learning more sustainable practices. Fast fashion and overconsumption is a significant polluter of the environment and uses unethical work practices and individuals are now becoming aware of this issue and how they may play a role.

This research hones in on the negative impacts of fast fashion but also how the behaviour of the consumer can impact changes in the industry. Primary data findings indicate that consumer shopping habits favour price and how fashionable the item is most, followed by quality and social media influence. 47% of consumers are concerned about the environmental impacts of fast fashion however, it is just the most accessible and easy way for them to shop.

Data also contends that the understanding of the fast-fashion system through multimedia forms has persuaded participants to shop in more conscious ways whether it is buying less, thrifting, shopping local etc. This research is a starting point to develop creative ways for consumers to learn about fast fashion and practice sustainability.

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fashion; sustainability; overconsumption; social media; digital media

Mindful of Mindless?

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