Crisis Communication Strategies & Social Media: An Application of Situational Crisis Communication Theory


Raza, Ibrahim

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My name is Ibrahim Raza. I am completing my 4th year Professional Communication degree at Ryerson University, with plans to graduate this fall in October 2021. During my 4 years at Ryerson I have studied various communications topics, with a focus on public relations, social media, & marketing. In my final two years, I became interested in the field of crisis communications, and wanted to explore it further as part of my final capstone project. The tremendous role that social media now plays in our everyday lives, has also come with an increased level of attention and visibility towards organizational crises. Thus, I felt that an in-depth look into the strategies organizations use in a crisis and how the general public reacts to them, was a practical and consequential field of study.



Crisis communications are a constant element of day to day communication practices in a professional setting. At any moment, an organization can find itself dealing with a crisis. And the strategies that it uses to communicate through that crisis and preserve the reputation of the company are a critical element of professional management. Incorporating social media into this has become more and more essential over the last decade, and has completely changed the dynamics between stakeholders in a crisis situation. This project is a case study of two distinct crisis situations, with the goal of seeing how social media users respond to each strategy used, and how effective those strategies were.

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Public Relations, Crisis Communications

Crisis Communication Strategies & Social Media

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