Analyzing Awareness Surrounding Cybercrime Offences in Canada


Coccimiglio, Holly

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Hello! My name is Holly Coccimiglio and I am a soon-to-be graduate of Ryerson University’s Professional Communication BA program. I will also be graduating with a minor in Law. The last four years have provided me with incomparable learnings, opportunities, and experiences, and I am so grateful to have honed my written, verbal and creative communication skills throughout the course of this innovative program. Following my graduation from Ryerson, I hope to translate the knowledge and expertise that I have acquired over the last four years into a career in the legal sector.



In a stressful and uncertain time for many, this study aims to uncover the specific ways that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the increased prevalence of cybercrime, as well as the attitudes that young Canadians hold toward this rapidly-growing form of crime. Through surveying Canadian adults aged 20-30, this research attempts to uncover why—even during a time when national cybercrime levels are at an all-time high—the majority of individuals belonging to this group are unaware of, disinterested by, or discounting of this form of crime. This study hopes to understand why this is true and bring awareness to the severity of this type of crime.

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Technology; COVID-19; Cybercrime; Cybercriminals; Crime

Clicking Out: Analyzing Awareness Surrounding Cybercrime Offences in Canada

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