Is It Time To Eat? The Effects of Timing of Ingestion of Macronutrients


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My name is Sophia Fazzolari – I’m a fourth-year undergraduate student at Ryerson’s School of Professional Communication, expected to graduate this fall of 2021. These past four years have brought on a whirlwind of learning experiences, to say the least. Nonetheless, my time at Ryerson has led me to discover a field I am significantly passionate about – the fitness and nutrition industry. I’ve been lucky enough to start and grow my own brand this past year, and following my graduation, I plan to take the entrepreneurial route and devote my time to growing my online nutrition business. ProCom has been my saving grace in equipping me for the small, tedious tasks I never would have expected to be involved in both running and growing my own business. I aspire to completely transform the way both men and women relate to food and cultivate healthy relationships with food all around, all while continually encouraging an active lifestyle.



My research project is focused on the timing of ingestion of the macronutrients: protein, fats, and carbohydrates. My research was intended to answer whether the timing of ingestion plays any effect on major bodily processes, such as the body’s use of these nutrients, absorption of them, and their breakdown process. I also specifically hoped to answer whether or not certain combinations of the three have any notable effect on processes within the body. I’ve found that a sufficient amount of research is focused specifically on the process of protein synthesis with mixed findings; fat seems to be neglected as a macronutrient in existing secondary research.

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Is It Time To Eat?

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