Impact of Virtual Communications within Teams



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Sabrina is a fourth-year and soon-to-be graduate of the Ryerson Professional Communication program. She has always loved stories, from reading, movies, and television shows she loves any way a good story can be told. Storytelling is what drew her to communications, she one day hopes to work for communications in healthcare or the entertainment industry to help others share their stories!



This past year has been such an interesting year in so many ways. When it came time to select a topic for my capstone project I knew I wanted to do something that was relevant and important to today’s climate. I decided to create a capstone project that I myself would find beneficial to learn about as a student who may be going into a workplace where I or my team members could be working virtually. This research brought forward many insightful findings of communications and how COVID-19 has impacted it.

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Impact of Virtual Communications Within Teams

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