Taylor Badhwar

Taylor Badhwar

My name is Taylor Badhwar and I am a 4th year Professional Communications student at Ryerson University. My plan after graduation is to spend a year travelling before I apply to law school. I would eventually like to get involved in criminal law as it has always been an interest of mine. However, as much as I am an academic, I have been dancing for 20+ years and would also like to continue exploring my creative side in the future.


This research project investigates the impact streaming services - specifically Spotify and Apple Music - have on new artists. A single holistic case study was conducted by interviewing three subjects who are a part of an R&B synthwave music group called ThenWhen. Results will show how such services affect both exposure and revenue.

Taylor Badhwar Research Poster

Project Tags

Streaming, Music, Artists, Spotify, Apple Music, Revenue, Exposure
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