Paola Rodriguez

Paola Rodriguez

My name is Paola Rodriguez. I am a fourth year Professional Communication student studying at Ryerson University. I am a big fan of fashion and I thoroughly enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion trends. With fashion being a major interest of mine, I wanted to incorporate its essence in my research project in some way.


The purpose of this study is to explore and analyze the degree double standards in the fashion industry affect industry learners and professionals. The research conducted will give insight into the effects caused by gender preference within the industry and highlight experiences that fashion learners/professionals undergo in a feminized sector.

This phenomenon has been described as “The Glass Runway”, a term coined by Dr. Allyson Stokes. Similar to the metaphor of “The Glass Ceiling”, which describes obstacles that hinder the advancement of women to positions of leadership, The Glass Runway, is a concept that further reinforces the notion of how the cultural valorization of women is shaped and undermined. Additionally, it “pushes male cultural producers forward into the spotlight, where they achieve consecration and legitimation” (Stokes, 2015).

This study seeks to answer the research questions, “Do female learners and professionals get less opportunities than their male counterparts?” and “Are female learners and professionals less ambitious due to pre-existing social structures?”.

Paola Rodriguez Research Poster

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Fashion, Industry, Gender, Trends, Professionals, Students, Learners, Glass, Runway, Double, Standards
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