Lida Qanun

Lida Qanun

My name is Lida Qanun. I am a 4th year Professional Communications student here at Ryerson University in the heart of Toronto. I have a great deal of passion and creativity, especially when it comes to digital content creation. Alongside that, I have a great deal of passion for basketball. I grew up playing the game and with that, became an avid NBA follower with my favourite team being our very own Toronto Raptors. I have brought these two passions together in pursuit of my career, sports marketing. I hope to be able to make a difference not only in how we market when it comes to social media, but specifically when it comes to NBA and basketball with technology constantly changing before our eyes.


This research was conducted to understand what social media practices and marketing strategies can be implemented in the NBA's off-season to help maintain engagement and boost traffic in a low-traffic period.

Lida Quanun Research Poster

Project Tags

basketball, social media marketing, marketing, NBA
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