Kerim Kancal

Kerim Kancal

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My name is Kerim Kancal. I’m in my fourth year at Ryerson University as a Professional Communication student. Growing up in a multicultural family, I had the chance to experience different perspectives on living as a community. I have always been impressed by young people having an influence on issues concerning their community. As a Ryerson University student, I wanted to use this opportunity to further explore the ways young people of Ontario prefer to express their views on societal matters.


This research attempts to gain insight on Ontario University students' habits of civic participation and their level of involvement in political activities, focusing on decision-making participation to explore how much they are interested in being involved in government decision-making processes and the extent to which they believe in their influence on decisions made.

Kerim Kancal Research Poster

Project Tags

Civic duties, Youth involvement in politics, Public consultation
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