Kellen Gardner

Kellen Gardner

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Kellen Gardner is set to graduate in 2020 from Ryerson University in the field of Professional Communications. Kellen has a passion for photography, travel and social media marketing. Kellen has built a personal brand on Instagram and aims to continue to learn about social media marketing. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kellen now resides in Toronto and is eager to have a career in the the digital media industry. Kellen enjoys creating travel and lifestyle content on Instagram. He enjoys photographing landscape, coffee and urban scenes while incorporating various brands within his posts. He has collaborated with brands in the past such as Aperol, Hugo Boss and Westjet to promote their products across his channels.

Aside from his love for creativity and content creation, Kellen has a passion for politics and would love to enter the political field in order to combine his love for digital media with political studies. Kellen has a goal of completing a masters program in Politics and Communication in 2021. Kellen’s hobbies include beach days, traveling, drinking coffee and being with friends and family.


This research study looks at the ability social media has in facilitating online mobilization and political change. Using a mixed method analysis, this research project includes a case study analysis of the Arab Spring and Cambridge Analytica data scandal, a survey among Ryerson students surrounding social media use and politics and a short interview with an opinion leader. This research project seeks to find the opportunities and limitations social media offers in politics and activism.

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Social media, Politics, Government, Activism
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