Karina Mohammed

Karina Mohammed

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I’m Karina, a Professional Communication student who loves to tell stories. My story involves Toronto’s arts and academic communities, where making meaningful relationships built on a mutual love for creativity and working with organizations like Luminato and TIFF taught me how to lean into my curiosity. I currently work at AlphaPR as a Publicity Coordinator, where I have the pleasure of working on films that highlight stories by women-identifying and QTBIPOC that elevate voices of the historically marginalized. I’m also currently working at Ryerson’s Centre for Communicating Knowledge, where I’m gleaning knowledge from researchers and socially innovative communities to co-produce a podcast about navigating tumultuous times. My research on virginity comes from my deep-seeded intersectional feminist roots, my love for film, and is the beginning of sparking a conversation around the inequalities we see in storytelling.


My research project is about the gap between sexual expectations for men and women when it comes to the notion of virginity. Not only is the concept of virginity heteronormative and a factor in perpetuating toxic masculinity, but it also often compromises the health and wellness of young women to satisfy the hetero-patriarchial system. On a practical level, understanding, analyzing, and continuing the conversations about virginity across cultures will ultimately save and improve women’s lives.

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Project Tags

feminist, intersectional, virginity, equality, expectations, attitudes, sex, gender, social construct, toxic masculinity, health
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