Stefania Redigonda

Stefania Redigonda

Stefania Redigonda Portrait

Stefania Redigonda is a fourth year Professional Communication student, minoring in French studies. She enjoys learning new languages and devotes her free time to reading and volunteering. Stefania hopes to pursue a career in either: Health Communication, Event Planning, Crisis Communication, or Investor Relations. She has a passion for health promotion and education, and is interested in working in an environment where she can improve personal health by improving health literacy.


This research project aims to identify the factors that influence an individual to shop online. A survey questionnaire was sent out to a randomly selected general sample of adults ages 18+. Factors such as: price of the product, convenience, payment method, privacy, security, and more were evaluated.

Stefania Redigonda Research Poster

Project Tags

Digital Media; Consumer Behaviour
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