The Impact of Technology on Children’s Cognitive Abilities

The Impact of Technology on Children’s Cognitive Abilities

Jessica Pavicic


Jessica Pavicic is a soon to be graduate from the professional communications program at Toronto Metropolitan University. Through out the years, she has developed a major interest in communication, more so how we as a society adapt to different communication tactics, as we are continuously transcending into a digital world. Jessica has strong interest in examining how technology shapes our communicative strategies, which is why she based her project on this topic. Furthermore, Jessica is a dedicated individual who aims to work and make a positive impact in event marketing.

Research Summary

The research plan for this study contains a quantitative analysis using articles that focused both on the positive and negative effects of technology as a factor in affecting a child’s ability to learn. In doing this, it is significant to recognize that this is not a study in determining whether or not technology is a positive or negative influence, but rather a study which seeks to further examine how technology impacts a young person’s cognitive development. In addition to this, an interview was conducted with a personally known professional individual, who is an educator here in Toronto. With this interview, I aimed to gain her perspective on how these media channels have impacted her experiences with children in the classroom.


Technology, Early Childhood Education, Education

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