Social Media’s Effects on the Mental Health of Gen z

Social Media’s Effects on the Mental Health of Gen z

Montana Forgie


My Name is Montana Forgie and I am a fifth-year student at Toronto Metropolitan University, pursuing a degree in Professional Communications with a minor in Sociology. As a proud Indigenous woman from the Squamish Nation in British Columbia, I was born and raised in North Vancouver, and have been living in Toronto for the past five years. Currently, I work at NACCA, an Indigenous-led company where we are conducting a research study on youth entrepreneurship. Our focus is on identifying the challenges faced by young business owners and the lack of support they encounter. It is my passion to conduct research that can make a positive impact on society. Email:

Research Summary

This study aims to investigate the impact of social media on the mental health of Generation Z by examining the connection between social media usage and mental health outcomes such as depression and anxiety. The focus on Gen Z is particularly important, given their high usage rates of social media platforms. The study employs a systematic quantitative literature review of 15 articles to identify recurring themes related to social media’s impact on mental health. By uncovering the relationship between social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube and the decline in mental health, the study aims to provide useful insights for supporting individuals struggling with mental health issues caused by social media.


Mental Health, Social Media

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