Marketing to Gen Z 101

Marketing to Gen Z 101

Malika Haider


Malika Haider is graduating with a Honours Bachelors of Arts at Toronto Metropolitan with a major in Professional Communication and a minor in Politics. Born and raised in Brampton Ontario, Malika has always been interested in the field of design and communications. Post-graduation, Malika hopes to build her career in communications and grow as a person gaining new skills and experiences in a variety of workplaces and industries.

Research Summary

This research project investigates brands to find out what marketing strategies used by brands are effective in targeting generation z consumers. This research hopes to bridge the gap in marketing knowledge between big and small brands and provide strategies that businesses can implement to better market to generation z digitally. Google, Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix were analyzed through a critical case study and deductive content analysis. A value framework was developed which found that these four selected brands attracted generation z by appealing to their brand authenticity, product/service quality, and social consciousness values. Some strategies are provided and compiled in a guidebook aiming to help marketers in communicating with generation z. Further research is encouraged into this field.


Gen Z, Marketing, Branding

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