Investigating the Importance of Representation in Human Resource Management

Investigating the Importance of Representation in Human Resource Management

Sydney Garden


Hello, my name is Sydney Garden, and I’m in my fourth year of the Creative School’s Professional Communications program. With a professional marketing and communications background, I’ve developed a passion for social justice. This fall, I will embark on a new educational journey at the University of Stirling in Scotland, where I will pursue a Master’s in Human Resource Management with a specialization in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. To further solidify my choice and deepen my understanding of the relationship between HR and EDI, my capstone project will investigate the impact of representation in HRM on internal communications. Through this research, I hope to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on how organizations can create more inclusive environments for their employees.

Research Summary

This research project aims to investigate the significance of representation in Human Resource Management (HRM) and its impact on internal communication within organizations. By conducting a qualitative analysis through interviews with HR professionals, and a systematic quantitative literature review of scholarly articles, this study finds that the lack of cultural diversity and representation in HRM negatively affects corporate functions and organizational communication. The findings suggest that a lack of diversity and representation in HRM can impact employee morale, productivity, retention, and the company’s reputation. The study recommends that HRM prioritize diversity and inclusion initiatives, create a safe space for employees to share their experiences and concerns, and provide resources for cross-cultural communication and collaboration to avoid these issues.


Human Resources, Communication, Diversity

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