Dreaming of Home: Designing for Community

Dreaming of Home: Designing for Community

Emilia Voudouris


Emilia Voudouris is a Professional Communications student with an interest in storytelling and community. Her work is comprised of a combination of different fields, including but not limited to philosophy, film, social studies, and literature from around the world. Learning about a variety of topics has allowed her to discover the foundation they share and the ways in which they come together. She is passionate about people and nature and believes that stories are the most powerful tool when it comes to building community.

Research Summary

The research for this project was driven by a curiosity to understand the way design influences community. The spaces we exist in are comprised of various elements that come together to form a universal design. Observing these individual elements such as shape, orientation, color, and material, is key to understanding the influence they have on our emotional state and how we interact with those around us. Literature review on topics like Waldorf schools, Feng Shui, and Harkness table discussions, made manifest the relationship between space and community. It emphasized the importance of collaboration and explained its presence or absence as being related to individual and collective well-being. The wisdom of these various methods and philosophies can help guide us as we create new workplaces, classrooms, and homes, and hopefully, inspire us to cultivate environments that foster connectivity and inspire community.


Design, Community, Behavior

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