Communication Methods in Christian Missions

Communication Methods in Christian Missions

Madison Picard


Hello! My name is Madison Picard and I am a fourth-year Professional Communications student minoring in French. In the fall, I will pursue a Master’s of Communication and Social Justice at the University of Windsor. I am passionate about social justice and how to go about working toward achieving it in our society. I also find myself fascinated by religions as institutions that function in our world, which is what drove me to develop this capstone project. With my future education and career goals, I hope to be able to create more research like this and positively contribute to the world.

Research Summary

This research project focuses on the communication techniques surrounding Christian mission practices. Religious missions are defined as seeking out prospects to persuade them to convert to a religion. The religion in question is Christianity, and in most cases Mormonism, as this is a sect where missions are heavily prevalent. The research focuses on what is communicated to the communities being converted and to the missionaries themselves. This research has been conducted through a rhetorical and latent content analysis of TikTok and YouTube videos of missionaries or people who are knowledgeable on the topic of missions.


Religion, Communication, Social Media

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