Working While Attending Post-Secondary School and its Implications on Students

Merlin Drzymala-Bokitch


My name is Merlin Drzymala-Bokitch. I am a fourth-year hardworking and committed Professional Communications student at X (Ryerson) University. 

I am constantly learning and growing from my experiences and the people around me. I love creating authentic connections and working with people to develop personal growth. Having the opportunity to choose a program that is so versatile is amazing. I have been able to explore various communication pathways and find what I am truly passionate about. ProCom lets students be creative and supports them while doing so. The past four years have gone by so fast, it is bittersweet that it’s ending yet I am so excited for what lies ahead. I plan on taking 6 months to travel and explore a part of myself that I have never even attempted to find before. I am excited to have relationships with new people all around the world. Once I come back, my goal is to find a communications job and start my professional career.

Research Summary

The overall purpose of this study is to see how holding a job while in post-secondary school affects students’ GPA and mental health. The study will go into depth about what factors affect working students the most. Furthermore, the study will reveal the true pros and cons of working while in post-secondary schools. 


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