Virtual Education & Social Anxiety

Chasya Williams


Hi! My name is Chasya Williams. I am currently in my fourth year at Ryerson University majoring in Professional Communication and working towards a Business Essentials minor. Over the past school year I have been working on my Capstone Project and it has been a very interesting and valuable experience. The topic I chose was Virtual Education and Social Anxiety. I chose this topic because I felt like this research would be very relevant for the time we are living in. After I finish my undergrad, I hope to begin working towards a Masters degree where I can full apply the skills I have gained during my undergrad in Professional Communication while also expanding my knowledge. In the future I hope to start my career in a creative communications job, possibly in marketing and advertising or creative directing.

Research Summary

For my capstone project I have chosen to conduct a research study on the relationship between virtual education and social anxiety. Over the past couple of years, many students around the world have had to adapt to the methods of virtual learning in order to continue their post-secondary education  in a safe way. This sparked my interest because of the many students that experience social anxiety within school settings. I wanted to explore how the switch to virtual learning has effected those with social anxiety and find out if the effects were positive or negative. To do this, I have developed surveys for participants to fill out along with conducting in person interviews. Doing so would allow me to collect both qualitative and quantitative data on the unique experience that students have with both social anxiety and virtual education.


virtual, learning, education, social anxiety, online, learning

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