Understanding Modern-Day Relationships

Alexandra Mongeau


Research Summary

Millennials and Gen Z are very distinct from previous generations. From their way of thinking to their way of dating, the 18-35 age group is all but ordinary. This website outlines a study that has been done on this specific group of people to find out if the digital and social media world of dating apps has had any effects on how they interact with others in specific situations. From the way the study was approached, to what questions guided this research, all the way to how the data collected was analyzed, the hope of this study is to find out if dating tendencies have changed and if they have, to pinpoint exactly why and how participants feel about it.

Modern-day relationships are not easy to navigate. Some want to have fun with no strings attached, while others are looking for a deeper commitment. It is not always clear what the intentions of others are. This is why this research was created. It is time to demystify it all!

This study surveyed Canadians aged 18+ who are in the dating pool or in relationships. The study aims to better understand the attitudes, feelings, and trends surrounding relationships and dating. It also looks at the effects that dating apps have on the kinds of relationships people are looking for these days.


relationships; love; social media; dating apps

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