TikTok and Music Production

Michaela Goutos


Hi! I’m Michaela Goutos and I am a 4th year ProCom student at X University. I am also pursuing a double minor in Music & Culture as well as Events and Live Entertainment. I am working towards a position in the music business industry as I have a passion for live music and working with musicians.

Research Summary

During the COVID-19 pandemic while the world was on pause, and people were cooped up in their homes for months, the social media app TikTok was on the rise. Isolated from the world it seemed as though an easy way to connect was posting videos online together whether it was doing dance challenges or comedic skits. Music used in viral TikTok sketch videos or dance challenges seemed to be gaining immense popularity in a very short period of time. Viral TikTok songs shoot up to the top of Spotify Charts and soon after gain radio play. In addition there have been new categories introduced in music award shows like the American Music Awards “Favorite Trending Song” based on viral TikTok songs of the past year. With this new app and its huge impact on the music industry already, there is possibly a bigger occurrence. My research study asks the question, has TikTok and social media changed the way musicians make their music? In addition, has social media and its ability to make a song successful, benefitted or been a detriment to the music industry? 


tiktok; music; socialmedia;

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