Interrelatedness of Academic Performance and Mental Health

Christopher O’Donoghue


Christopher O’Donoghue (he/him), was born in South Africa and raised in Mozambique. It was in 2015 that he moved to Ottawa for high school, then in 2018, he moved to Toronto for university education at X (Ryerson) University. Post-grad, Chris hopes to find work in PR, social media, or any other modicum of online community interaction. He will be moving to Europe sometime after gaining work experience post-graduation and is very excited about the new phase of his life. Outside of school, Chris enjoys cooking, reading, working out, and listening to music. He also very much enjoys spending time with his family and friends and loves to look out for new opportunities where they may present themselves.

Research Summary

This research project explores the interrelatedness of post-secondary education and mental health. It hopes to answer the main question of what the relationship between the two factors is, and how they (or outside factors) can influence academic performance and success. Through a variety of methods, such as interviews, secondary research, and focus groups, current (unfinished) research has found that they do affect each other greatly, as well as outside factors. Many improvements were offered, such as improving consistency in professor homework and assignment methods, as well as giving the choice for students to complete the course online to reduce time spent commuting.


mentalhealth; academics; performance; grades;

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