The Scoop on Sugar

Bryan Valentini


I am a 4th-year student at Ryerson (X) University. Post-graduation, I plan to work in the banking industry.

Why I decided to complete this research, is because while trying to be more health-conscious and educate myself on the effects of sugar I found so much information that it was overwhelming and several of the sources contradicted each other.

Research Summary

The concept behind the study was to explore the relationship between sugar, energy, and health, by looking at the existing beliefs and attitudes around sugar in the adult’s diet. I also thought it was important to explore how people viewed the effect of sugar on weight, health, sleep, mood, focus, and digestion.

We are hoping to answer these questions;

  1. If subjects exercised more than 20 minutes, did they notice any effect on energy levels right after? One hour after?
  2. Did the self-controlling behaviour of food tracking deplete energy, as the Literature reviewed suggests?
  3. Are there any significant differences between gender with regards to the attitudes and beliefs around the effects of added sugar?
  4. Is there a belief that a negative connection between added sugar and weight exists?
  5. When participants self-reported feelings of stress did sugar consumption rates rise?
  6. Is there awareness of any relationship between added sugar intake and sleep, mood, focus, or digestion?
  7. Is there a belief that a connection between ideal weight and sugar exists?
  8. Are there any other variables that may affect the validity of the research?


health; fitness; diet

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